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Ohio Senate Seeks to Limit School Districts' Ability to Challenge Property Values


The Ohio Senate recently passed HB 126, which proposes to limit the ability of school districts seeking to challenge property values in order to increase an assessed value or fight the property owner's attempts to lower their values.


HB 126 will now go back to the House for vote when the House returns to session in late January. If the bill is signed into law by the Governor, below are the important changes that may impact property owners.


What You Need to Know


  • School districts would no longer be allowed to initiate complaints at the County Boards of Revision.

  • Counter-complaints by the school district against property owners trying to lower their assessed values would have to be approved by the Boards of Education.

  • School districts would be prohibited from appealing boards of revision decisions to the Ohio Board of Tax Appeals.

  • School districts would no longer be able to enter into settlements with property owners in lieu of increased valuations.


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