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State Tax Profile for New York

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POER's Boston office represents clients' properties in the State of New York.


If you have any questions or concerns about property taxes in this state, visit the locations page

for our local contact information or send us an email through our contact us page.

state characteristics

Assessment Ratio: Varies locally
(NY City - 45% policy)
Fiscal Tax Year: 01/01 - 12/31 
(NY City - 07/01-06/31)
Valuation Authority: City, Town or Village
(NY City - City Department of Finance)
Collection Authority: County, Town, Village & School
(NY City - City Department of Finance)
Level One Appeal Name: Board of Assessors
(NY City - City Tax Commission)
RE Rendition Required: No (only in NY City)
PP Rendition Required: No
Consultant Certification or Licensing: Not required
Non-Disclosure State? No
Real Estate Taxable? Yes
Personal Property Taxable? No
Inventory Taxable? No

Real Estate appeal deadlines vary throughout the state, and from year to year. The listing below illustrates the majority of the filing periods through the state. For further listings and verification, contact one of our offices.


key tax dates - real estate

Assessment Date: Jan 5  
Value Notices Issued: Jan  
Appeal Deadline:
New York City
Mar 1
Oct 24
Petition of Protective Writs
Dec 31
Nassau County

Jan - Mar

Most in February, varies by city/village
Suffolk County Feb, May
Most in February, some in May & November, varies by city/village
Westchester County Feb 19,
Jun 17
Most in February & June, varies by city/village
White Plains
Jan 21  
Yonkers Nov  
Tax Bills Issued: Jun 1  
Tax Returns Due: Jun 1 Financial rendition filing deadline. Penalty for not filing.
Tax Bills Due: Jul 1
Jan 1
1st half installment
2nd half installment

key tax dates - personal property

Assessment Date: Exempt
Tax Bills Due: Exempt