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State Tax Profile for Maryland


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POER's D.C. office represents clients' properties in the State of Maryland.


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state characteristics

Assessment Ratio: 100%
Fiscal Tax Year: 07/01 - 06/30
Valuation Authority: Maryland State Department of Assessment & Taxation
Collection Authority: City, Town & County
Level One Appeal Name: Supervisor’s Level Appeal
RE Rendition Required: No
PP Rendition Required: Yes
Consultant Certification or Licensing: Not Required
Non-Disclosure State? No
Real Estate Taxable? Yes
Personal Property Taxable? Yes
Inventory Taxable? Yes

key tax dates - real estate

Assessment Date: Jan 1  
Value Notices Issued: Dec Triennial in-cycle only
Appeal Deadline: Jan 2

Feb 10
First business day in Jan --
Out of cycle appeals only

In cycle appeals: within 45 days after date of notice
Income and Expense Form Due May 15 Required RE Income Questionnaire Filing
Tax Bills Issued: Jul 1  
Tax Bills Due: Sep 30  

key tax dates - personal property

Assessment Date: Jan 1  
Tax Returns Due: Apr 15 Extensions can be received to
June 15
Tax Bills Issued: Jul  
Tax Bills Due: Sep 30