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POER's Irvine office represents clients' properties in the State of Hawaii.


This information is deemed to be a reliable calendar of specific property tax event dates that are updated quarterly and throughout the year as changes are known. However, it is not guaranteed and some dates and/or jurisdictions are not listed.


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Assessment Ratio: 100%
Fiscal Tax Year: 07/01 - 6/30
Valuation Authority: City or County
Collection Authority: City or County
Level One Appeal Name: Board of Review
Consultant Certification/Licensing: Not Required
Real Estate Taxable? Yes
RE Rendition Required: No
Non-Disclosure State? No
Personal Property Taxable? No
PP Rendition Required: No
Inventory Taxable? No


Assessment Date: Jan 1
Oct 1
Counties of Hawaii & Maui
Honolulu City & County, Kauai
Value Notices Issued: Mar 1-15
Mar 1-15
Dec 1
Dec 15
County of Hawaii
County of Maui
County of Kauai
Honolulu City & County
Appeal Deadline: Apr 9
Jan 15
Dec 31
Counties of Hawaii & Maui
Honolulu City & County
County of Kauai
Tax Bills Due: Aug 20
Feb 20
1st half installment
2nd half installment
Appeal Filing Fees:
(per parcel)
Honolulu City & County
County of Kauai
County of Hawaii
County of Maui


Assessment Date: Exempt
Tax Bills Due: Exempt