America's Property Tax Advisor

POER provides a full tax bill audit and payment service for both personal property and real estate assessments. We pioneered tax bill services back in 1965. Our methods and technologies have changed but the results are still the same -- every tax bill is audited for correctness, paid on time, and you never worry about penalties or interest again!

Minimize Your Tax Bill Administration Expense


POER's tax bill administration services are structured, documented, and SSAE 18 SOC 1 tested to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and reliability through all steps of your tax bill administration process. With several levels of services, you can choose the POER tax bill service level that best fits your business and needs.




Activities POER Completes


Verify and


Secure, Audit,
and Transmit


Secure, Audit,
and Pay

  Compile comprehensive inventory of all tax parcels      
  Record final taxable values      
  Verify correct tax amounts due      
  Report final value and tax      
  Secure tax bill from Tax Collector      
  Perform 31-point audit of each bill      
  Identify gross tax due along with discounts and installment options      
  Send you the bill with pay instructions (voucher package)      
  Pay taxes directly to Tax Collector on your behalf      
  Daily approved payment reports      
  Send you an e-file of all AP transactions for upload      
  Guarantee NO penalties or interest for failure to pay timely      
  Provide customized reporting      



If you have questions about your property taxes or how POER's tax bill administration services can help streamline your property tax process, then be sure to contact us today!