America's Property Tax Advisor

You could argue that of all the taxes you pay, probably none delivers more tangible benefits than the property taxes paid to your local city and/or county. But even if you're satisfied with what your property tax dollars buy, you should not have to pay more than your fair share.


No matter where you are in the United States, real estate taxes represent one of the largest expense categories for owners and operators of real property. Rising assessed values and tax rates have a direct impact on your bottom line and may affect your ability to successfully compete with similar properties.

Effective Real Estate Tax Management Begins with Experience
and a Proven Process


POER's real estate tax solutions encompass virtually every facet of tax valuation, negotiation, and assessment appeals to assure taxes are fair but minimized. Our comprehensive approach has achieved significant results for over 55 years.

We work with you to proactively identify valid reasons to seek a reduction in your property's assessment. Beginning with an analysis of your property, we evaluate the assessor's proposed value against POER's independent
opinion of value, then aggressively pursue appeals to ensure you're getting the fairest possible tax assessment.

The Right People at the Right Time,
Delivering the Right Solution


Core Competency -- Property taxes have been our core competency since 1964. It is our only business and as such, we are confident that no one knows property taxes better than POER.


Best-in-Class Professionals -- The ultimate key to any property tax reduction program is the people effecting your values, process efficiencies, and tax savings. We make available to you the most experienced and best-in-class property tax professionals in the industry.


Local Presence -- Our offices are staffed by full-time tax professionals, who are certified and licensed, as required, by the states in which they practice. Our ability to identify opportunities is based on our knowledge of what creates and detracts from value in the local marketplace.


National Representation -- POER represents commercial, industrial, and residential properties of all types and sizes across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.


State of the Art Technology -- We utilize both technology and our people to monitor market data, tax legislation, and to stay on top of current taxing jurisdiction practices.

No One Knows Property Taxes Better Than POER