America's Property Tax Advisor

Businesses face a variety of challenges when it comes to Business Personal Property tax. The rules for what is and is not taxable and how to correctly value these assets vary widely from state to state and sometimes, even within a state.


POER offers a broad range of solutions to meet each challenge you may face. Whether it's compliance for routine personal property tax returns, in-depth analysis and valuation for complex property, or a customized tax management program to fit your needs - we can help.

Why Outsourcing Personal Property Compliance Might be Right for You


  • Complying with filing requirements is a time-intensive and detailed task and can be costly if not done accurately and timely.

  • Keeping up with continuously changing tax laws in every state and thousands of taxing jurisdictions can quickly overwhelm your staff.

  • Shifting workloads within your tax department can cause property tax to take a back seat to other tax matters and become neglected.

  • The cost of technology and compliance software licensing continues to rise.

  • Internal changes, staff turnover, or a changing strategic focus can impact continuity and efficiency in your tax programs.

Whatever Your Challenge Is, We Can Help

POER's consultants know how to identify exemptions and correctly file returns to minimize your tax and maximize available exemptions. We know the local tax codes, we know local tax practices, and we know how to ensure you get the maximum benefit available.


Our personal property tax management services efficiently manages the entire process from Compliance to Appeals to Audit Support to Tax Payments to Reporting Services. Whether you have a complex manufacturing facility, a single retail store, or 10,000 returns to file across the country, we have experts that are ready to help. Contact us today!