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Assessing hotels and resorts is a complex endeavor involving a variety of components that, if overlooked, can result in an inflated tax bill for the owner or operator of the property.


Expert analysis is often a necessity to effectively separate taxable property from non-taxable property and present the findings to the assessor in an acceptable manner, thereby giving you the best chance to reduce your property tax expense.

Your Hospitality Property may be Overvalued Due to a Variety of Reasons


POER valuation specialists know how to find and resolve your excessive tax values. We understand that no two hospitality properties are the same, and our attention to detail uncovers many issues that mass appraisals often overlook, including:


  • Business Enterprise Value

  • Double Assessment of Real Estate and Personal Property

  • Segmenting Income Statements and Ancillary Income

  • Understanding Differences in Resort Valuation

  • Property Reconciliation of "Flag" Values


After identifying inaccuracies and separating tangible and intangible values, we follow through by representing you every step of the way to reach a successful settlement and a lower tax bill.


Your benefit is full compliance and peace of mind, knowing that you pay only your fair share of taxes; nothing more and nothing less.

The POER Advantage

Our ability to identify reduction opportunities is based on our local knowledge of what creates and detracts from value in the market place.


Working from POER's offices strategically located across the country, our full-time property tax consultants provide world class service, and annually represent more than $240 billion in market value nationally.


If you have questions about your property taxes, need another set of eyes to review your assessment, or would like to discuss potential appeal opportunities, then be sure to contact us today!

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