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Chicago Studies Inclusionary Zoning

By Bob Tivnan, Chicago


A task force is working to revise Chicago’s Affordable Requirements Ordinance. The challenge will be finding an acceptable middle ground with a reasonable amount of revised regulation that generates more affordable housing without depressing new development. Get the full story.





Georgia Appeals Court Upholds Assessment Freeze Following Appeal

By Paul Miller, Atlanta


The Georgia Court of Appeals reaffirmed that market changes are not “material changes” that could void a three-year assessment freeze following a successful appeal. Get the full story.





Hawaii Property Tax Constitutional Amendments Proposed

By Geoffrey County, Irvine


Voters may consider two changes to the Hawaii state constitution this year. One could give local school boards the ability to increase tax levies to pay for teacher pay raises. The other could increase property taxes to pay for infrastructure improvements near rapid transit stations. Get the full story.





Indiana Considers Taxing Current Cash Value of Personal Property

By John O'Neil, Chicago


Legislation is being debated by Indiana lawmakers that could change the way personal property is assessed. If approved, taxes would be assessed on the current cash value of personal property, rather than the acquisition cost. Get the full story.





Oregon Could Bring Back Real Estate Transfer Taxes

By Scott Donald, Irvine


Oregon hasn’t had transfer taxes the past eight years but that may be changing. A bill has been filed to bring back the tax in order to help finance affordable housing. Get the full story.

Colorado Considers Commercial Classification for Short-term Rentals

By Joe Monzon, Denver


Legislation has been filed in the Colorado Senate to make short-term rental property classified as commercial rather than residential. Supporters and opponents are speaking out. Get the full story.





Hawaii - Wind Turbines are Not Real Property

By Scott Donald, Irvine


The Hawaii Supreme Court has ruled counties can’t change the tax code to re-define real property. The case involves wind farms on the island of Maui. Get the full story.





How to Fix Illinois Property Taxes? Task Force Has Ideas

By Philip Utterback, Chicago


Property tax reform is expected to be a significant topic before the Illinois Legislature this session. A property tax task force has issued an 88-page draft report with recommendations. Get the full story.





Ohio Bill Seeks to Expand Transfer Taxes

By Robert Boxley, Chicago


Ohio businesses will face higher taxes under proposed legislation that raises transfer taxes on pass-through entities that own real estate. Get the full story.





Tennessee Property Tax Rate Cap Proposed

By Lee Wharton, Nashville


If proposed legislation becomes law, Tennessee cities and counties will be limited to a 5% annual property tax rate increase without voter approval. Get the full story.

Chicago Hotels Challenged

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


High taxes in Chicago’s saturated hospitality market are creating fiscal challenges for many hotel properties. Get the full story.





Colorado Tackles School Finance Reform

By Joe Monzon, Denver


Changes may be coming to Colorado’s 25-year old school funding system. A special legislative committee is working to make the funding formula more equitable for all school districts.
Get the full story.





Maryland Assessments Rise for Seventh Year in a Row

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


Commercial values are rising with Maryland’s latest property revaluation. Many counties are reporting double-digit increases. Get the full story.





Philadelphia Won’t Revalue Properties in 2020

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


Concerns over the accuracy of a trending methodology have led Philadelphia officials to postpone this year’s reassessment. As a result, values assigned in 2019 will carry forward through 2021.
Get the full story.





Wisconsin Property Taxes for Schools Up by Highest Rate in a Decade

By John O'Neil, Chicago


Wisconsin taxpayers could be hit with the largest property tax increase in a decade thanks to increasing taxes for public education, according to a Wisconsin Policy Forum report. Get the full story.

Pennsylvania Details Plans for Property Tax Relief

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


A bipartisan group of Pennsylvania Legislators have come up with five possible options to lower property taxes and adequately fund public education. The General Assembly is expected to whittle down the plans when it reconvenes after the holidays. Get the full story.





Real Estate Investors Face Tax Uncertainties in Chicago

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


Commercial property sales in Chicago have taken a dramatic plunge this year and it’s making investors nervous. A new report says pension liabilities, an uncompetitive labor market, and high taxes are making investors react cautiously about spending money on Chicago real estate. Get the full story.





San Francisco Proposes Vacancy Tax

By Scott Donald, Irvine


Voters will decide next March whether landlords of vacant storefronts in San Francisco will face new taxes on their property. It’s an effort to create a more vibrant retail market in local neighborhoods.
Get the full story.





Texas Lawmakers Consider BPP Tax Reform

By Foy Mitchell, Dallas


The Texas Legislature doesn’t reconvene until 2021 but work is already underway on plans to reform and possibly eliminate business personal property taxes. A Senate Committee heard testimony at a hearing earlier this month. Get the full story.





Utah Proposes Property Tax Indexing for Schools

By Joe Monzon, Denver


The Utah Legislature held a second special session this month to adopt tax reform. One piece of the puzzle that has not yet been decided is whether to allow school districts to capture annual property tax hikes based on inflation. Get the full story.

California Enacts Laws to Boost Affordable Apartments

By Scott Donald, Irvine


New legislation has been approved in California to impose statewide rental controls. Analysts are closely watching to see what impact the new laws will have on multifamily investment. Get the full story.





Double- and Triple-Digit Assessed Value Increases in North Cook County

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


The current revaluation by the new county assessor has spiked commercial and industrial assessments up by an average 74.4% in the northern suburbs of Cook County, Illinois. Some towns experienced value increases much higher. Get the full story.





San Antonio Multi-family Market at the Crossroad?

By Kevin Kirkpatrick, San Antonio


Despite optimistic reports on San Antonio’s apartment market, it appears the price point investors are paying may be below the assessor’s original predictions in 2019. This is resulting in an unprecedented level of litigation contesting 2019 values. Get the full story.





Texas Prohibits State Income Tax

By David Poer, Dallas


Local governments and the state will continue to rely on sales and property tax revenues after Texas voters approved Proposition 4. Prop 4 makes it more difficult for state leaders to ever impose an income tax in the future. Get the full story.





West Virginia Manufacturers Hit Hard by Personal Property Tax

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


Manufacturers are hoping West Virginia lawmakers adopt tax reforms in the coming legislative session. Companies are burdened with high tangible personal property taxes on machinery, equipment, and inventory. Get the full story.

Austin is Top Real Estate Market for 2020

By Kevin Kirkpatrick, San Antonio


A new report ranks Austin first in the nation for overall real estate prospects next year. The local assessor is working to keep property values in line with Austin’s vibrant market. As a result, double-digit increases can be expected for many commercial properties. Get the full story.





Colorado Votes on Proposition CC

By Joe Monzon, Denver


An important challenge to Colorado’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights is on the November 5 ballot. A "yes" vote on Proposition CC means the state can keep all the money it collects over its revenue limit to spend on education and transportation. A "no" vote on Proposition CC means that any money the state collects over its revenue limit must be returned to taxpayers. Get the full story.





Ohio Suspends Bitcoin Tax Payments

By Rob Boxley, Chicago


Last year, Ohio became the first state in the nation to accept bitcoin for a variety of tax payments. The state has discontinued the program amid concerns about how the third-party crypto payments provider is defined under state law. Get the full story.





Section 42 Tax Credits Do Not Constitute Actual Income

By Paul Miller, Atlanta


The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that although low-income housing tax credits may benefit investors by allowing them to reduce their tax liabilities, these tax credits do not constitute income for property tax assessment purposes. Get the full story.





Texas Tax Amendments on Nov. 5 Ballot

By David Poer, Dallas


Two tax-related amendments to the Texas Constitution will be decided by voters next month. Proposition 3 allows for a temporary exemption for real estate damaged in a natural disaster. Proposition 4 prohibits a state income tax in Texas. Get the full story.

Florida Property Taxes Soar Despite Cap

By John Heatley, Orlando


Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment limiting assessed value increases for non-homestead property last year. It was touted as a solution to the problem of skyrocketing business property taxes. However, tax rolls are still rising, with some counties reporting double-digit increases.
Get the full story.





Houston – Mixed Bag of Tax Hikes and Cuts

By Kenneth Graeber, Houston


The City of Houston and the Houston Independent School District are proposing rate reductions for their upcoming budgets, while Harris County plans to raise the tax rate for the first time in 23 years. The net effect will be roughly 3% less than the 2018 tax rate total. Get the full story.





Philadelphia Reverse-Appeal Case Sent Back to Court

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


The Philadelphia School District has been given a second chance to prove it did not violate the state’s Uniformity Clause by filing reverse tax appeals against commercial property owners and not homeowners. School officials contend they used a monetary threshold to determine which appeals to file so it’s not a case of discrimination. Get the full story.





Phoenix – Low Cap Rates Raise Apartment Values

By Rick Edwards, Phoenix


Cap rates for Phoenix apartment complexes remain at historic lows. Analysts predict that cap rates are poised for even further compression in the current booming market. Get the full story.





Will Chicago Raise Property Taxes to Balance the Budget?

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


As Chicago city officials try and craft a budget, Mayor Lori Lightfoot admits there is a staggering hole to be filled. S&P Global Ratings released a statement saying, “outside of a massive property tax increase, Chicago has limited options to raise significant, predictable revenues through a single tax or fee increase without state legislation.” Get the full story.

California Court Upholds Exemption for Intangibles

By Scott Donald, Irvine


A recent court ruling states that the burden of proof shifts to the assessor when a property assessment includes the value of intangibles. The assessor must prove by a preponderance of evidence that the intangible value has been removed. Get the full story.





Cook County TIF Districts Generate Record Revenue

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


Tax Increment financing districts in Cook County, Illinois will bring in a record $1.2 billion in revenue this year. The reassessment of Chicago properties led the TIF windfall. Get the full story.





Data Centers Drive Real Estate Market in Northern Virginia

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


Virginia’s building boom in the data industry is creating a positive impact on local tax revenues and tax rates. An estimated 70% of the world’s Internet traffic flows through servers in Northern Virginia.
Get the full story.





Illinois Task Force Will Study Property Tax Relief

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


New legislation has formed a Task Force to study problems with the Illinois property tax system and find ways to solve them. The initial report will be issued within 90 days, and a final report will be due by the end of the year. Get the full story.





Philadelphia Targets Tax Abatement Reform

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


Major changes could be coming to Philadelphia’s 10-year property tax abatement on new construction or the value of renovation. Several proposals will be considered when the city council reconvenes.
Get the full story.

Cook County Property Tax Collections Hit Record High

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


Tax bills will increase about 3.7% on average for property owners in Cook County, Illinois. There are wide variations by region and property type. The 2018 second installment tax bill payments are due August 1, 2019. Get the full story.





D.C. Tax Hikes Could Backfire

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


A new study suggests that the commercial property tax hikes going into effect in October in Washington D.C. will make it harder for investment deals to close. As a result, the District could lose more revenue than the tax hikes produce. Get the full story.





Florida Reduces Commercial Rent Tax

By John Heatley, Orlando


Florida is the only state in the nation that collects sales tax on commercial leases. The tax is imposed on base rent, the tenant’s share of common-area maintenance fees, and property taxes. The new rate beginning next year will be 5.5%, down from 5.7%. Get the full story.





Chicago’s Consolidation with Statewide Pensions Nixed

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker says the state can’t take over Chicago’s troubled pension fund and consolidate it with pensions of other municipalities. Analysts say it will require more than $1 billion in new taxes over the next three years for Chicago to reach full pension funding. Get the full story.





Philadelphia Courts Rule in Reassessment Lawsuit

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


Property owners win in two court decisions regarding Philadelphia’s reassessment practices. In one case, commercial property owners may be repaid nearly $50 million in taxes because the city’s 2018 reassessment was ruled illegal. In the other case, condominium owners may benefit from the city’s improper method to value their land. Get the full story.

CA Appeals Court Strikes Down Arbitrary Valuation

By Scott Donald, Irvine


A successful appeal on a California hotel may provide help for other commercial property owners who feel their assessment is arbitrary and unsupported in the current real estate market. Get the full story.





Equal and Uniform Appeals Upheld in Texas

By Foy Mitchell, Dallas


A new Texas law states that property owners are entitled to a final appeal determination on any grounds of protest, even claims that the valuation is not equal and uniform with competing properties.
Get the full story.





Oregon Enacts Statewide Rent Control

By Scott Donald, Irvine


In what will have wide-ranging tax implications on multi-family landlords, Oregon has become the only state in the nation with statewide rent control. Other West Coast states to now considering similar restrictions.
Get the full story.





Texas Passes Property Tax Reform

By Foy Mitchell, Dallas


Texas cities, counties, and emergency service districts must receive voter approval before raising 3.5% more property tax revenue than the previous year. This is a key component of the property tax reform legislation approved by lawmakers. Get the full story.





Washington State Budget Includes Higher Real Estate Taxes

By Scott Donald, Irvine


A new graduated excise tax that will dramatically raise taxes for large real estate purchases was approved as part of Washington’s final 2019-21 state operating budget. The spending plan also allows school districts to raise local property taxes. Get the full story.

Austin Office Market Hits Historic Highs

By Kevin Kirkpatrick, San Antonio


Office properties increased an average 11% this year in the City of Austin. Some buildings in the Central Business District are being hit with increases as high as 18%. The trend is the result of strong market indicators with increased absorption, rising rents, and reduced vacancies. Get the full story.





Georgia Assessment Freeze Challenged in Court

By Paul Miller, Atlanta


Recent court rulings have created confusion over whether normal market conditions that lead to higher values constitute a material factor that negates the two-year assessment freeze outlined in the Georgia Tax Code. Get the full story.





Illinois I&E Disclosure Bill Stalls

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


A new bill requiring Illinois commercial property owners to submit income and expense data annually to the chief county assessment officer has stalled. The bill carries a penalty for failing to comply.
Get the full story.





Tax Incentives for Federal Opportunity Zones Clarified

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


New detailed guidelines have been released for investors wanting to take advantage of the new Federal Opportunity Zones tax incentive. The guidelines will be adopted after a final hearing is held in July.
Get the full story.





Texas Tax Reform Debate Intensifies

By Foy Mitchell, Dallas


Texas lawmakers have been focused on bills that would hold the line on property tax revenue growth. Now a new bill seeks to cap appraisal growth instead. The regular session of the Legislature ends May 27.
Get the full story.

Chicago Transfer Tax Hike Proposed

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


A plan to raise transfer taxes on commercial and residential property worth more than $5 million is being recommended as a way to fight homelessness. Any change in the real estate transfer tax would require new state and local laws. Get the full story.





D.C. Mayor Proposes Additional Tax Hike on Commercial Properties

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser unveiled a $15.5 billion spending plan for next fiscal year that includes higher taxes on commercial property owners. The new budget must be approved by the end of May. Get the full story.





Florida Court Case Explores External Obsolescence

By William C. Coleman, III, Orlando


A recent court ruling acknowledges that the depreciation tables used by almost all Florida counties do not properly account for obsolescence. The ruling may help businesses receive tax savings when their tangible personal property is over assessed. Get the full story.





Tennessee Set to Release Appraisal Ratio Report

By Lee Wharton, Memphis


Tennessee’s 2019 Real Estate Appraisal Ratio Report comes out this month. The new sales appraisal ratio opens the door for appeal opportunities, even when property assessments are below current market value. Get the full story.





Texas Legislature Considers Tax Swap

By Foy Mitchell, Dallas


Texas lawmakers are looking at different proposals that would swap higher sales taxes for lower property taxes. Critics point out that sales tax collections are more susceptible to ups and downs of the economy than property taxes, which could lead to serious budgetary problems. Get the full story.

Chicago Investors Face Property Tax Uncertainty

By Bob Tivnan, CMI, Chicago


Chicago is getting a new assessor, new mayor, and new heads for the City Council Zoning and Finance Commission. The leadership changes may bring new property tax policies and procedures for real estate investors and developers. Get the full story.





Florida Cost of Sale Adjustment Challenged

By William C. Coleman, III, Orlando


A court case in Bay County, Florida could have major repercussions on real property cost of sale adjustments. An assessor is contesting the legality of deducting cost of sale items such as real estate commissions, appraisals, financing, and attorney fees from a property’s appraised value.
Get the full story.





Philadelphia Pledges Improvements Before Another Reassessment

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


Problems uncovered in a recent audit of the Philadelphia Office of Property Assessment have led city officials to hold off on another major property revaluation. The audit will have no immediate effect on existing assessments or pending appeals. Get the full story.





San Francisco Gets Property Tax Windfall

By Scott Donald, Irvine


San Francisco transfer taxes were higher than anticipated and there were fewer appeals in the current boom market. As a result, the city ended up with a surplus of $415 million. Much of the money is earmarked for set-asides. However, officials have an extra $185 million for other needs. Get the full story.





Texas Revisits Property Tax Rollback Cap

By Foy Mitchell, Dallas


Senate Bill 2 and House Bill 2, both named the Texas Property Reform and Relief Act of 2019 are making their way through the Legislature. The bills won’t provide cuts to property tax bills. Instead they limit the amount of revenue that local governments can collect without voter approval. Get the full story.

Cook County Effective Tax Rates Climb 2007 -2016

By Bob Tivnan, Chicago


Effective tax rates for businesses in Cook County, IL increased by double and in some cases triple digits between tax year 2007 and 2016. The largest increases were reported in Chicago Heights (up 117.8%) and Harvey (up 106.4%). Get the full story.





DFW Retail Real Estate on a Roll Despite Online Shopping

By Scott Buie, Dallas


Strong leasing in existing retail centers and conservative development has helped retail stores in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX achieve a five-year streak of high occupancy. Get the full story.





Nebraska Considers Property Tax Cap

By Rob Boxley, Chicago


Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is spear heading a proposal to cap local property tax increases at three percent per year. If lawmakers pass the bill, voters will also have to approve the plan. Get the full story.





Spokane County Reports Tax Decrease

By Scott Donald, Irvine


Taxpayers in Spokane County, WA are witnessing the largest drop in collected property taxes in the county’s history. It's the result of a new statewide education levy that collected more money than expected last year. The state is now decreasing the statewide levy by 30 cents per $1,000 valuation.
Get the full story.





Texas Real Time Tax Notices

By Foy Mitchell, Dallas


A proposal for “real time” tax notices is being pushed in the Texas Legislature. Supporters say it would give taxpayers more information about proposed tax rates and encourage them to become more involved in the rate-setting process. Get the full story.

Dallas Hotel Room Revenue Tops $1 Billion

By Kris Miller, Dallas


The hospitality market is booming in Dallas, Texas. As hotel revenues increase, assessed property values are also on the way up. Get the full story.





DC Internet Sales Tax Revenue Could Cut Commercial Property Tax

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C.


Commercial properties worth $10 million and more may get a property tax break in Washington D.C. The D.C. Council passed legislation to start taxing Internet sales to lower taxes on big businesses.
Get the full story.





DC Mandates Electronic I&E Reports

By Tom Branham, Washington D.C


Beginning in 2019, business peroperty owners in the District of Columbia will be required to file income and expense reports electronically. Paper submissions will no longer be accepted. The forms are due April 15. Get the full story.





Fulton County Tax Digest Upheld

By Paul Miller, Atlanta


A court ruling ensures that property owners in Fulton County, Georgia won't face a second bill for their 2017 property taxes. Values for residential properties were frozen at 2016 levels in 2017. Commercial values were not rolled back. Get the full story.





Indiana Sets New Appeal Dates

By John O'Neil, Chicago


Property owners wishing to appeal their assessment must meet new statewide deadlines that go into effect this month. For notices filed before 5/1/2019, the appeal deadline is 6/15/2019. For notices issued after 5/1/2019, the deadline is 6/15/2020. Get the full story.





South Carolina ATI Exemption Applications Due January 31

By Kevin Baker, Atlanta


Owners of property purchased last year in South Carolina can apply for a possible 25% tax exemption if the purchase price is higher than the current tax assessment. The Assessable Transfer of Interest Exemption Applications are due January 31. Get the full story.

December 2018

Amazon’s Arlington Headquarters Will Bring Market Changes

D-FW is Top Office Leasing Market

Nebraska Set to Tackle Tax Reform

New Mecklenburg County Commission

Prop 13 Challenge on 2020 Ballot


November 2018

Data Center Boom in Dallas

Florida Constitutional Amendments

Head Tax Approved for Transit Programs

San Francisco Approves Tax for Homeless Services

Taxpayer Engagement in the Texas Property Tax Process

Wisconsin Votes Against Dark Store Assessment


October 2018

Austin's High-Tech Office Market

Colorado Tables Tax Hike for Short-Term Rentals

DFW Warehouse Market On Track for Another Record Year

Florida Votes on Property Tax Amendments

Tax Bill Time in Texas


September 2018

Chicago Investors Face "Fiscal Death Spiral"

Dallas Hotel Construction Boom

Mecklenburg County - Businesses Brace for Higher Values

Utah’s Truth in Taxation Law Faces Test


August 2018

Florida Schools Take Tax Hikes to Voters

Fulton County Needs Court Approval to Collect Taxes

Harrisburg Faces Massive Property Tax Increase

Illinois / Cook County Need Property Tax Reform

Study says Michigan Property Tax Caps Hamstring Local Budgets


July 2018

Business "Head Tax" on November Ballot

D.C. Budget Raises Commercial Property Taxes

Higher Tax Bills Coming in Cook County, IL

Nashville Property Tax Hike Could Go to Voters

Ohio Supreme Court Sides with Property Owner


June 2018

Confusion over South Carolina ATI Exemption

Dallas Property Values Soar

D.C. Office Concessions are Highest in the Nation

Higher Taxes in Hagerstown

New Changes Proposed to Louisiana’s Industrial Tax Exemption


May 2018

Cook County’s 2017 Pay 2018 2nd Installment Tax Bills May Be Late

Expect Double-Digit Value Increases in Mecklenburg County, NC

Fulton County Tax Assessments Skyrocket

Mall Vacancies Hit Six-Year High

Philadelphia Calls for Assessment Audit


April 2018

California Bullet Train - An Omen of Taxes to Come?

Commercial Real Estate and the New Tax Law

Nashville - Successful Appeals Lead to Budget Shortfall

Philadelphia Property Tax Increase Proposed

Property Taxes Soar for Self-Storage REITs


March 2018

Cook County Requires More Documentation on Appeals

Multicounty Appeal Boards Allowed in California

Pennsylvania - New Reporting Requirements

Sticker Shock in Washington State

Values Up in Fairfax County, VA


February 2018

Denver Property Values and Taxes Soar

Mecklenburg County Revaluation Underway

San Francisco Commercial Tax Hike Proposed

Texas Governor Proposes Property Tax Plan

Washington D.C. Considers Conversion Incentives


January 2018

Colorado – Concerns over Gallagher Amendment

Maryland Values Climb with Reassessment

Ohio Supreme Court Rules on Property Tax Assessment

West Virginia May Phase Out BPP Tax

Wisconsin Property Taxes on the Rise

December 2017

California Wildfire Battles Continue

Florida Budget Proposal Could Raise Property Taxes

Tax Foundation Ranks States' Business Tax Climate

Texas Tops 2018 Real Estate Report

Wisconsin Marks Dark Store Day


November 2017

Fulton County Issues Property Tax Bills

More Tax Hikes Coming in Chicago

Pennsylvania Approves Property Tax Amendment

South Carolina - Appeals Can Still Be Filed for 2016 Calamities

Tax Notices Delayed in Miami-Dade


October 2017

California Tax Relief for Catastrophic Wildfires

Houston Won’t Raise Property Taxes for Hurricane Recovery

Iowa Faces Financial Trouble Over Property Tax Reform

Nashville Property Owners Win More Appeals

Texas - New Tax Filing Deadlines


September 2017

Chicago Property Taxes Going Up Again

Houston Proposes Tax Hike Following Hurricane Harvey

Louisiana Exemption Process Creates Confusion

St. Louis Sues Over Property Tax Election Results

U.S. Cities with the Highest and Lowest Property Taxes


August 2017

Houston Office Vacancies Lead to Lawsuits

Ohio Supreme Court Rules on Valuation of Leased-Fee Properties

Tampa Tax Hike Proposed

Property Tax Report Card for the 85th Texas Legislature

Washington State Budget Includes Tax Hikes and Tax Cuts


July 2017

California Abolishes Board of Equalization

Indiana Dark Stores Methodology Upheld

Investigation Launched into Cook County's Assessment Process

South Carolina Manufacturers Get Tax Break

Wisconsin Considers Personal Property Tax Repeal


June 2017

2016 Cook County Equalization Factor Rises

Michigan Dark Stores Bill Has Wide-Ranging Impact

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Hears School Appeals Case

Texas Special Session Will Address Property Tax Reform

Washington - Proposed Legislation Replaces Tax Cap


May 2017

Chicago Hit with Deluge of Tax Hikes

Court Ruling May Lead to More Revaluations in Pennsylvania

Denver Values Increase by Double Digits

Philadelphia Commercial Values Up 40%

Tarrant County Computer Problems Fixed


April 2017

Cook County Revamps Property Tax Incentive Ordinance

Proposed Nevada Bill Changes Tax Cap to a Tax Floor

New Jersey Tax Cap Exemption Advances

Oregon Legislation Could Raise Tax Bills

Texas Senate Approves Tax Bills


March 2017

Cook County's 2016 Equalization Factor is Rising

Georgia Property Tax Bills Filed

Higher PP Tax Exemptions Proposed in Colorado

Houston Recapture Issue Goes Back to Voters

Mecklenburg County 2019 Reval Underway


February 2017

Colorado Study Proposes Lower Residential Assessment Ratio

D.C. Commercial Properties East of the Anacostia River May Get Tax Break

Detroit Makes Headway in Historic Citywide Reappraisal

Illinois Property Tax Freeze May Advance

Nevada Bill Sets Floor for Commercial Property Tax Increases


January 2017

California Multifamily Forecast

Denver Market Trends - How Does Your Property Compare?

Ohio Developers May Get Tax Break

Precedents Set in California Court Cases

Showdown Looms Over Texas Tax Reform


December 2016

Austin Loses Appraisal Challenge

Durham County Moves to More Frequent Reappraisals

Houston Defeats Proposal to Share School Property Taxes

Tarrant County Problems Persist

Texas Property Tax Reform Bill Filed


November 2016

Denver Apartment Face Double-Digit Tax Hikes

Louisiana - Parish-Wide Reductions Approved

New Mexico Named Best State for Business Property Taxes

South Carolina 2006 Property Tax Relief Law Under Review

Taxes and Fees are Going Up to Fight Homelessness in Denver


October 2016

Colorado Votes on Tax Exemption

Dark Store Assessment Comes to Texas

Louisiana - New Restrictions on Industrial Property Tax Estimates

Philadelphia Transfer Taxes Going Up

Southeast Wisconsin Values Rebound


September 2016

Dallas County Values Increase More than 10%

Licensed Representation Required for Florida Appeals

Philadelphia Schools Go After Undervalued Properties

Seattle Seeks Higher Taxes for Mass Transit

Tarrant County Must Issue $12 Million in Tax Refunds


August 2016

Denver Proposes Higher Taxes & Fees for Affordable Housing

DFW Retail Vacancy Hits 30 Year Low

Highest and Lowest U.S. Property Tax Rates

Michigan Big Box Retail Bill Advances

Property Tax Hikes Predicted for Pennsylvania Schools


July 2016

Apartment Building Boom in Dallas/Fort Worth

Cook County Tax Bills Headed Up

California - Property Tax Hikes Proposed to Help the Homeless

Texas Supreme Court Upholds School Funding Plan

Wisconsin Businesses Push for PP Tax Repeal


June 2016

Florida Beach Tax Ruling Reversed

Kansas Moves Up Spending Cap

More Challenges to Dark Store Assessment

Philadelphia Revaluation Comes Up Short

Potential Tax Hikes Tied to Alternate Revenue Bonds


May 2016

Austin Commercial Values Jump 20%-30%

Florida Tweaks Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Higher Recordation Tax Proposed in Montgomery County

Indiana Approves Consolidating Appeal Boards

Mecklenburg County - Another Reval Review


April 2016

Florida Tax Cut Winners and Losers

Houston Office Values Increase 10%-25% in a Declining Market

Indiana Passes New Law on Big Box Retail Assessment

Pennsylvania - Split Tax Roll Proposed

Wisconsin Supreme Court to Rule on Low-Income Housing Assessment


March 2016

Arizona Bill Seeks to Boost BPP Tax Exemption

Indiana - More Legislation for Assessing Big Box Stores

Iowa Appeal Deadlines Moved Up

Minnesota Business Tax Relief

Nevada Tax Caps Challenged


February 2016

California Initiative Raises Taxes on High-Dollar Properties

Cutting Illinois Property Taxes

Kansas Property Tax Limits

Michigan Personal Property Tax Exemptions Kick In

Virginia Bills Benefit Taxpayers


January 2016

Maryland - Double-digit Assessment Hikes Reported

Oregon Changes Tax Filing Deadline

Pollution Stigma Impacts Value

Question All Fees and Taxes

Timing is Everything for Protesting Taxes

December 2015

Austin Appraisal Lawsuit Dismissed

Chicago Passes Property Tax Hike

Michigan Retailers Association Opposes Legislation

Santa Clara County Abolishes Appeal Fee

West Virginia Study Opposes BPP Tax Elimination


November 2015

Austin Appraisal Lawsuit Underway

Florida Considers Tax Swap

Indianapolis Industrial Boom

North Carolina Amends Laws on Property Tax Refunds and Underpayments

West Virginia Considers Eliminating BPP Taxes


October 2015

Chicago Commercial Owners Face Higher Taxes

Indiana - More Tax Regulations for Big-Box Stores?

Philadelphia - Higher Commercial Property Taxes Proposed

Texas Tackles School Finance Again

Utah Property Owners Face Higher School Property Taxes


September 2015

California Initiative Creates Property Tax Surcharge

Indiana Counties Don't Exempt BPP

Maryland Court Relaxes Stand on Date of Finality

Michigan Set to Tackle "Dark Stores" Assessment

Texas Faces Lawsuit Over Property Valuation System


August 2015

Apartment Rents Soar in Dallas/Fort Worth

Colorado Property Owners Brace for Higher Taxes

Nevada Tax Abatements Spur Investment

Ohio Bill Bans Schools from Challenging Assessed Values

Wisconsin Assessments - What's Fair?


July 2015

Austin Appraisal Challenge Goes to Court

California Split-Roll Tax Initiative Proposed

Chicago Area Businesses Could Face Even Higher Property Taxes

Georgia Court Upholds Taxation of Sec. 42 Credits

Indiana County, PA Conducts First Reval in Nearly 50 Years


June 2015

Arizona Property Tax Bills Defeated

Austin Challenges Commercial Property Appraisals

Indiana - New Law Requires Cost Approach

Pennsylvania Tax Shift Bill Moves to Senate

Texas Legislature Approves Tax Cuts


May 2015

California Considers Changes on Parcel Taxes

Georgia Approves Tax Law Changes

Gloucester Assessment Pilot Program Complete

Orlando Apartment Values on the Rise

Texas - How the Real Estate Market Impacts Property Taxes


April 2015

DC Considers Additional Assessment Reform

Florida Budget Plan Relies on Higher Property Taxes

Higher Values Expected for DFW Industrial Properties

Indiana Considers Wide-Ranging Property Tax Bill

Minnesota Property Tax Levies Increase Across the Board


March 2015

Arizona - Concerns Raised Over Proposed Legislation

Industrial Assessments Headed Up in Atlanta Metro

Personal Property Tax Legislation Filed

Texas Tax Relief Proposed

Utah Considers Property Tax Hike


February 2015

Arizona May Revert to Annual Assessments

Colorado - Higher Property Taxes Forecasted

Erroneous Interest Must Be Repaid

Grants Available in Gaston County, N.C.

Indiana Court Decision Good News for Big Box Retail


January 2015

Florida's Amendment 1 Will Lead to Higher Property Taxes

Increased Growth Forecast for D/FW Office Market

Mecklenburg County Confusion

Nebraska Property Tax Reform

Spot Appeals Under Attack in Pennsylvania