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Expect More Frequent Reappraisals
in Arkansas


Major changes are coming for Arkansas property owners. Following the 2022 reappraisals, more counties are moving from a five-year reappraisal schedule to a three-year cycle.


While more frequent reappraisals should help improve the accuracy of real estate values based on the current market, they often translate into opportunities for tax jurisdictions to hike property assessments more often and thereby collect higher tax revenues.


Why the Change?


When Arkansas counties complete a five-year reappraisal resulting in an overall value increase of 25% or more, the law requires they revalue all real estate every three years.


With this year’s reappraisal, the following counties will move to three-year reappraisals, making the next reval year 2025:


  • Baxter

  • Carroll

  • Cleburne

  • Conway

  • Craighead

  • Garland

  • Little River

  • Mississippi

  • Newton

  • Perry

  • Poinsett

  • Pulaski

  • Saline

  • Searcy


Desha and Saint Francis counties did not experience a 25% overall value increase, so they remain on a five-year schedule.


The state only reviews counties that were reappraised in the current year. So only those appraised in 2022 have been reviewed for the updated reappraisal schedules. More counties may be required to make the move to three-year reappraisals in the years ahead.