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Nashville Tax Rollback May Go to Voters


A local citizens group collected 20,000 signatures to challenge Nashville’s 34% property tax increase and put a tax rollback election before voters. The Metro Election Commission will verify if all 20,000 signatures are valid. If they are, there will be a referendum on December 5.


The proposed “Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act” seeks to cap Metro Council property taxes at 2% annually without voter approval. It also calls for:


  • Voter approval for any bonds totaling more than $15 million for city projects, excluding schools, libraries, healthcare buildings, and public safety projects.

  • Prohibiting the city from giving away land valued at $5 million or more without the support of all council members.

  • Any groups receiving $250,000 or more in public funds be subject to open record laws.

  • Requiring any Nashville pro sports facility or related commercial development to “revert to the people” if no games are played for more than 24 months.

If the December 5 election is held, it will come after property tax bills are mailed in early to mid-October. Taxes are due in February.