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Colorado Votes on Proposition CC


On November 5, Proposition CC will ask Colorado voters to permanently lift the spending limits currently in place with the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). The ballot measure represents the most significant overhaul to TABOR since the constitutional provision was put in place in 1992.


A "yes" vote on Proposition CC means the state can keep all the money it collects over its revenue limit to spend on education and transportation. A "no" vote on Proposition CC means that any money the state collects over its revenue limit must be returned to taxpayers.


What Supporters Say


The Vote Yes on Prop CC campaign says TABOR has created arbitrary government spending limits that have severely restricted the state’s ability to invest in students, roads, bridges, and transit.


“By voting yes on Prop CC we can fill potholes and fix our roads and bridges, improve our schools by hiring and retaining the best teachers, and improve our economy with investments that help all Coloradans. And we can do it without raising the tax rate,” the website explains.


What Opponents Say


The Vote No on CC campaign says citizens’ right to vote for or against tax increases is at risk.


The website says, “For more than two decades, TABOR has required state and local government to seek voter approval to raise taxes. This has kept the growth of government in check. Now, officials want to gut this popular amendment. Politicians, today, can raise taxes, but with TABOR, they have to ask first.”