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Expect Double-Digit Value Increases in
Mecklenburg County, NC


The 2019 revaluation in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina is underway and assessors are reporting substantial hikes in assessed values.


Assessment notices will be mailed in December and a flood of appeals is expected. For the first time, there will be an online appeal generation and tracking system in place for 2019 through Tyler Technologies.


Across-the-Board Growth


Early results show average value increases in all property types, including:


  Apartments/Multi-Family up 43 percent
  Hotels/Motels up 54 percent
  Retail up 66 percent
  Industrial up 84 percent (this number is skewed by a 462 percent increase for data centers)


Thus far, the total average value increase is 44.48 percent. For commercial property alone, the increase is even higher -- 49.11 percent.


Field Work Won’t Be Complete


Since the last revaluation, assessors have prioritized actual field work for this revaluation. Given the scope of the work, their field surveying will not be 100% complete by the effective date of the revaluation on January 1, 2019. Assessors anticipate the work will not be complete until 2023.


Assessment Neighborhoods are largely determined by the coding used in prior revaluations, although those areas that are less clearly demarcated have yet to be touched. So, the changing economics of assessment neighborhoods is not necessarily being recognized. Statistical analyses of influencing factors for value are almost entirely conducted within these neighborhoods.


More Frequent Reassessments Proposed


Mecklenburg County’s current four-year revaluation cycle, which puts the next revaluation in 2023, should be approved by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC).


The county assessor then has plans to push for a two-year cycle, which would put the following revaluation in 2025.


Advisory Committee at Work


As part of the revaluation process, a Citizens Revaluation Advisory Committee will convene every month this year. The committee is charged with meeting with the county assessor, reviewing overall operations, studying statistical reports as to the progress of the 2019 Revaluation, monitoring progress, and reporting its conclusions to the BOCC.


This committee has been fairly thorough with its questioning and stringent in its criticisms. In effect, this means that the county assessors are well aware of any weaknesses in their methodology and fully prepared for any arguments against them. This could give assessors an upper hand, putting more pressure on property owners who challenge their assessment.