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Values Up in Fairfax County, VA


More than 350,000 updated 2018 real estate assessments are being mailed to property owners in Fairfax County, Virginia. Assessed values are higher for the majority of owners. Non-residential values including commercial, industrial, and rental apartments increased 3.79 percent on average.


Tax Levy is an Estimate


The 2018 estimated tax levy shown on the assessment is just that – an estimate. As required by state law, the estimated tax for 2018 is based on the 2018 assessment and the county’s 2017 tax rates.


This is an estimate because the Board of Supervisors has not yet adopted tax rates for 2018, but will do so as part of the budget process. The actual levy will be a combination of the current assessment and the current adopted tax rates.


Proposed Budget


Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill presented his proposed Fiscal Year 2019 Budget to the Board of Supervisors in late February.


The proposed General Fund budget is $4.29 billion, a $192.32 million (or 4.69 percent) increase over the current FY 2018 Adopted Budget. Including other appropriated funds such as federal and state grants, the total proposed budget is $8.42 billion.


The budget includes a 2.5 cent increase in the real estate tax rate. If approved, the rate will increase from the current rate of $1.13 to $1.155 per $100 of assessed value.


Appeal Deadlines


Property owners, who wish to contest their property valuation may begin with an administrative appeal. Owners are encouraged to file this appeal as early as possible.


New this year, all administrative appeal applications must be postmarked by May 1 or filed online by midnight (EST) of May 1. No administrative appeals will be accepted after this date.


Appeals to the Board of Equalization, which conducts formal hearings and considers sworn testimony, must be filed by June 1.