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Wisconsin Property Taxes on the Rise


The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance reports property taxes for schools, counties, and cities are projected to increase 1.8% statewide this year.


The Breakdown


K-12 school property taxes comprise 45% of the tax bill statewide, technical colleges 4%, county taxes 20%, and municipal taxes 25%.


The tax hikes include:



1.8% for K-12 School Property Taxes


3% for Technical College Property Taxes


3% for County Property Taxes


3.5% for Municipal Property


The municipal tax levy increase is an estimation because municipal levies are still being compiled by the state.


Missing from this year’s property tax bill is the state forestry tax, which has been eliminated and will be funded from state income and sales taxes in the future.


Tax Hikes Vary


The Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance notes there are wide variations in property tax levies across the state.


For example, of the state’s 422 school districts, 263 increased taxes and 159 reduced them. Overall, 81 had hikes of 5% or more and 27 raised taxes 10% or more.


Among counties, 12 increased taxes by more than 5% and five raised levies by more than 10%.


After state tax credits are applied, net property taxes in Wisconsin will rise to $9.9 billion statewide.