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Fulton County Issues Property Tax Bills


After months of delays, Fulton County’s 2017 property tax bills have been mailed. This comes after a judge approved a temporary collection order. Cities that collect their own tax bills are also sending them as well.


A Long Drawn Out Process


The judge’s ruling is the latest step in a process that began in the spring, when taxpayers first got word that their property values were skyrocketing. The median value increase in the county was 13%, but nearly a quarter of property owners received assessments that were up 50% or more.


Instead of decreasing tax rates to offer some relief, county commissioners decided to freeze most residential properties at the artificially low 2016 levels. The decision delayed tax bills while the new values were calculated.


Then, the county was prevented from sending tax bills by the state. The Department of Revenue rejected the county’s tax digest and questioned the legality of the decision to freeze residential values.


New Dates


With property tax bills being issued late, due dates are also being pushed back.


  • City of Atlanta bills are due 45 days from notice (December 31, 2017).

  • Fulton County bills are due 60 days from notice (January 15, 2018).


Tax bills will be based on the 2017 notice values and the amount will be 100% of the taxes due.


For taxpayers with a pending appeal on their property, any assessment reduction will result in a refund plus applicable interest.