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Tax Notices Delayed in Miami-Dade


In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Florida Governor Rick Scott issued an emergency order allowing counties more time to conduct appeal hearings, approve budgets, set millage rates, and issue annual property tax notices.


Notices are normally mailed on or before November 1. However, with the allowable extension, Real and Intangible Personal Property Tax Notices were only recently mailed in Miami-Dade. This impacts the following payment and discount deadlines:


  • The maximum early payment discount of 4% is extended to

    December 13

  • The 3% discount period runs from December 14 through
    December 31


After December 31, 2017, the normal schedule for discounts and delinquency resume with a 2% discount for payment in January and a 1% discount in February. The last day to pay property taxes is March 31, 2018. Unpaid taxes become delinquent on April 1, 2018.