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Minnesota Property Tax Levies Increase
Across the Board

by Bob Tivnan, Chicago, April 2015


Minnesota certified property tax levies will total more than $8.7 billion in 2015, up from $8.4 billion last year, according to the Department of Revenue. Statewide averages have increased for all property taxing entities. (See chart below.)


Actual tax increases vary by property type and location. For example, property owners in Todd County will pay an average 21.3% more, while tax collections in Benton County will decline by 3.3%.


The continued rise in property taxes comes as a political debate is brewing on the state's budget surplus. The projected $1.8 billion surplus is among the largest on record in Minnesota. The state has also stashed away another $1.3 billion into a rainy day reserve fund.


The Legislature must decide whether to deal with the surplus by cutting taxes or spending more on a variety of programs. It creates a difficult fiscal policy balancing act in these uncertain economic times.

MN Certified
2015 Property Tax Levies







Special Tax Districts




Source: Minnesota Department of Revenue