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Mecklenburg County Confusion

by Kevin Baker, Atlanta, January 2015


The 2011 revaluation in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina continues to create confusion for property owners. After property values increased anywhere from 20%-150% from the 2011 revaluation, property owners demanded a formal audit and a second revaluation. Field reviews of each of the county's 356,000 commercial and residential parcels were completed last November.


An estimated 1,170 parcels that changed owners since 2011 were found to be undervalued. Tax Assessor Ken Joyner explained that the county is bound by state law to send tax bills to current owners of these properties -- not the previous owners.


"We knew it would be confusing to a lot of people," Joyner told the Charlotte Observer. "But what it boils down to is that the tax is against the property, not against the person. It's a lien on the property. "


The issue is still under review by local authorities. State lawmakers may introduce legislation to help remedy problems with parcels that have changed hands and left the new owner with a large tax expense.