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Fulton County Must Defend Freezing
Property Values in Court


The Georgia Department of Revenue has rejected Fulton County's tax digest for a second time, leaving behind uncertainty for tax payers.




For the 2017 tax year, the Fulton County Tax Assessors revalued most residential properties for the first time in several years, leading to a significant increase in property values. After an outcry from homeowners, the Fulton County Georgia Board of Commissioners voted to rescind all 2017 proposed residential assessed values, using instead the lower 2016 values. Commercial values (including Apartments) remained at the original proposed 2017 values.


However, the State Department of Revenue rejected the Fulton County tax digests, causing tax bills to be delayed. In November, a judge granted Fulton County a temporary collection order, allowing them to issue tax bills mid-November and start collecting property taxes.


What Happens Now


The state rarely rejects county tax digests; it typically only happens due to technical issues. Meaning, a situation like this is unprecedented territory for Georgia.


Until a judge decides whether or not the county had the legal authority to freeze the 2017 residential property values at 2016 levels, nothing will change. However, if the judge decides that the county did not have that authority, residents could receive another tax bill to account for the difference.


There is no word on the scheduled court date.


We will continue to provide updates as we receive new information. If you have any questions or concerns about your property taxes, please contact us.