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Hefty Property Tax Hikes Proposed in Utah

by Joe Monzon, Denver, August 2017


As Truth-in-Taxation hearings begin this week, Utah property owners are facing some major tax rate increases. Even if your property's assessed value remains the same, a higher tax rate will lead to a higher tax bill.


More Jurisdictions Raise Rates


Last year, 52 Utah tax jurisdictions sought higher tax rates. This year, the number has grown to 64.


Data from the Utah Tax Commission shows tax rate increases are proposed by 25 cities and towns, 16 school districts, nine counties, five fire districts, three library districts, two districts in unincorporated areas, a police district, and a mosquito abatement district.


The largest rate increases are a nearly 4,000% hike proposed by the South Davis Metro Fire Area and a hike of nearly 75% in the town of Torrey.


Appeals Will Be Necessary


Aside from protesting at a Truth-in-Taxation hearing, property owners have no real control over tax rates. The only successful way to minimize property taxes is to appeal an overstated assessment. The 2017 Utah appeal deadline is September 15, 2017.


By law, commercial property must be appraised and taxed at 100% of its fair market value. Residential properties, including apartments, are taxed at 55% of fair market value. Determining fair market value is a subjective process done with mass-appraisal techniques so there is always margin for error.


POER Can Help


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