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Georgia Property Tax Legislation Advances


The Georgia General Assembly's Regular Session adjourned March 31. Some property tax measures passed and others could be resurrected next year. Here's a rundown:.


Legislation Passed


HB 196 was passed by the General Assembly and sent to the governor for his signature on April 7.


The language from two bills were incorporated into HB 196:


  • Language originally set forth in HB 285 - revises criteria for the valuation of low income properties.

  • Language originally set forth in HB 325 - gives taxpayers the option to supply actual income data for their property to be valued by the income approach.


Legislation On Hold


HB 347 - similar to HB 325, it also states that market data from the commissioner may supplement owner's income data. HB 347 was not reported out of committee.


House Bill 374 updates the law in regard to electronic filing and also proposes lowering the threshold for non-homestead property appeals to a hearing officer from a market valuation of $750,000 to $500,000. HB 374 was reported out of committee but there was no House vote.


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