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State Tax Profile for Illinois

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POER's Chicago office represents clients' properties in the State of Illinois.


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state characteristics

Assessment Ratio: 33.3% — Except in Cook County (Chicago)
10% — Apartments - Cook County
25% — Industrial - Cook County
25% — Commercial - Cook County
Fiscal Tax Year: 01/01 - 12/31
Valuation Authority: Township or County
Collection Authority: County
Level One Appeal Name: County Board of Review (for properties outside Cook County)
Cook County Assessor (for properties within Cook County)
RE Rendition Required: No
PP Rendition Required: No
Consultant Certification or Licensing: Not Required
Real Estate Taxable? Yes
Personal Property Taxable? No
Inventory Taxable? No

key tax dates - real estate

Assessment Date: Jan 1  
Appeal Deadline:

Jul – Dec
Feb - Nov








Aug - Feb

30 days after notices are published
Cook County - First level of appeal to Cook County Assessor's office. 30 days after notices are published (Newly elected Assessor may implement township assessment publication changes in 2019 that will be posted on the Assessor's website)

Cook County - Second level of appeal to Cook County Board of Review (BOR)

Tax Bills Issued: Varies  
Tax Bills Due: Jun, Sep Dates may vary by county

Mar 1


Aug 1

Cook County - 1st half installment, estimated
Cook County - 2nd half installment

key tax dates - personal property

Assessment Date: Exempt
Tax Bills Due: Exempt