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Pima County Property Tax Increase Unavoidable

by Rick Edwards, Phoenix, June 2014


Property taxes are headed up in Pima County, Arizona. The Board of Supervisions will decide how much taxes will increase when the county budget is officially approved this month.


Pima County is proposing an increase of 13.67% in primary property taxes. Secondary tax rate increases are proposed for library and flood control districts. Further property tax increases are being sought for the Sheriff's Department, the Stadium District, facilities maintenance, road repair, and information technology upgrades.


The county is facing a decreased tax base this year. It's down to $7.5 billion from the peak of $8.9 billion in fiscal year 2009-2010. As County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry explained, "Like all governments in Arizona, Pima County has necessarily adjusted to reduced revenues and increased service demands during this economic recession. More than six years ago, Pima County began taking action. Internal services were centralized to increase efficiency and reduce cost. Priorities were re-evaluated and items of discretionary spending, such as travel, have been nearly eliminated."


For further details on the 2014-2015 Pima County budget, click here.